Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009


Search Engine OptimizationBuilding a site is fun according to me, and SEO add more fun to it. Because building a site without SEO is almost no way, yes it is possible but you have to know that SEO is one of the most important part in building a website. If your website is made to promote your product whatever it is, then you will have to optimize it, you will have to let the search engine know that your site exists, and then you will have to let people find your website easily via search engine. This is why you should optimize your site.

I have read great articles at about how to optimize your site and it made Search Engine Optimization looks easy, but I know that SEO is not easy, but as you go on you will enjoy the process. So if you have a website to build, why don’t you learn SEO and practice SEO by yourself

So, have you optimized your site? If you haven’t done that, you better optimize it then. Oh yeah, at I also read one article about what to do in the garden in November. November is almost come, and I think preparation is needed, I will have some fun at November.

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